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Cirrhotic patients with portal hypertension-related bleeding and an indication for early-TIPS: a large multicentre audit with real-life results

Posted on: 1st October 2017

BACKGROUND: The Baveno VI consensus meeting concluded that an early TIPS must be considered in high-risk cirrhotic patients presenting with variceal bleeding (VB) (Child B + active bleeding at endoscopy or Child C10-13 patients). Whether this therapeutic approach is feasible in a real-life setting remains unclear.

AIMS: To determine (1) the proportion of patients eligible for early-TIPS among cirrhotic patients with VB, (2) the proportion of these patients who underwent early-TIPS placement and the main reasons for discarding TIPS, and (3) the outcomes of patients who experienced early-TIPS placement in a large, national, prospective, multicentre audit including academic and non-academic centres.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: All French centres recruiting gastrointestinal bleeding were invited to participate. All consecutive patients with cirrhosis and PHT-related bleeding were included.

RESULTS: 964 patients were included (58 centres: 26 academic, 32 non-academic; patient characteristics: male sex, 77%; age, 59.6 ± 12.1 years; aetiologies of cirrhosis (alcoholic,viral/other, 67%/15%/18%); source of bleeding (EV/GV/other, 80/11/9%); active bleeding at endoscopy 34%; Child A 21%/B 44%/C 35%. Overall, 35% of the patients were eligible for early-TIPS, but only 6.8%, displaying less severe cirrhosis underwent early-TIPS placement. The main reason for discarding TIPS was a lack of availability. The actuarial probability of survival at one year was significantly increased in early-TIPS patients (85.7±0.07% vs 58.9±0.03%, p=0.04). The severity of liver disease was the only parameter independently associated with improved one-year survival.

CONCLUSION: In this real-life study, one-third of the cirrhotic patients admitted for VB fulfilled the criteria for early-TIPS placement, whereas only 7% had access to TIPS. TIPS was restricted to patients displaying less severe cirrhosis. The severity of liver disease was the only parameter that influenced survival.

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